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There is an easier, healthier, safer way to have stronger, more frequent, and longer-lasting erections.

Black Galingale is an herbal infusion from the North of Thailand. It has been used for centuries by men of the region to enhance their sexual potency. We present this 100% pure, completely natural herb, round and sealed in individual sachets suitable for infusion.


  • To promote erectile function
  • To maintain penile erection
  • To increase frequency and libido
  • To promote health and vigor


There is a natural way for men to obtain safer, long term benefits without side effects. For centuries the men of Southeast Asia have used a natural herb to enhance their sexual potential. It is both good for your health and good for your sex drive.

Black Galingale contains a powerful secret weapon in the battle for sexual pleasure and function—CHI Energy (Complex Homeo-Vibrational Information). A Taoist concept, Chi is not widely known or understood by most westerners but in China and the Orient, the concept of Chi is foundational and commonplace. Everyone regards chi as the vibrational life energy that exists in all matter.

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A natural, safe, and very effective love potion packs a powerful punch, making sex at any age fabulous again


To obtain the natural benefits of Black Galingale, consumption 2-3 times daily is recommended. The benefits begin to take effect after approximately four to five days of use.

Our Black Galingale is very robust, and each sachet can be used twice. It is a very versatile herb, and can be brewed as tea, or steeped with coffee, served either hot or cold, with traditional condiments or plain, depending on taste. With regular consumption, one will experience benefits that are cumulative and that produce ongoing results - including more frequent, longer lasting and more firm erections - with an accompanying feeling of sexual rejuvenation that is mild but stable and consistent.

Natural spontaneity can return to the one’s life, as there is no need to schedule sexual relations around taking a pill. Because testosterone levels in men begin to decline about the age of 30, until leveling off around 60, Krashy can be beneficial for men of almost all ages.


Your sexual satisfaction is important. It’s the glue that binds a relationship together, making it unique from all other human interactions. Making love creates a powerful bond, and is a marvelous stress-buster and a natural sleep aid. It’s also one of the best ways to stay healthy. “Use it or lose it” is very true: many of the health benefits that accrue as the result of an active, satisfying sex life can go missing when sex becomes just one more chore to get through on your overwhelming to-do list before blessed sleep can overtake you.

It was once thought that erectile and arousal problems were purely psychological in origin. These days, we tend to assume that libido woes are a matter of bio-chemical imbalance, to be cured with a pill. But did you know you can improve sexual performance without drugs or psychotherapy?

Statistics show that most popular, manufactured drugs work on fewer than 39% of the population. They also have potential side effects, some frightening indeed: infertility, headache, dizziness, heart palpitations, blurred vision, risk of blindness and, perhaps most frustrating of all from a love-making standpoint, orgasm without its accompanying knock-your-socks-off sensations.

Occasionally, these drugs can also cause priapism, a condition in which an erection lasts for four or more hours. Again, this is a side effect that many people laugh about, but it's painful, even dangerous condition that must be treated immediately. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis also interact with prescription drugs, including nitrates (nitroglycerine), taken for heart disease, and alpha-blockers (Cardura, Minipress, and Hytrin), which are used to lower blood pressure. And of cause, with a cost of several dollars per dose, another of these drugs' side effects is damage to your bank account. With so many perils surrounding conventional drugs, many men would prefer a safer lower-cost alternative.

Q. Is Black Galingale safe?
A. Yes, Black Galingale has been used for centuries in Asia. There are No harmful side effects.

Q. Is Black Galingale effective for men every age?
A. Regular consumption of Black Galingale will promote more frequent erections and increased libido, even in younger men.

Q. Can it be used in conjunction with Viagra?
A. The benefits of Black Galingale are cumulative. Most men have found that they can gradually reduce or discontinue the amount of Viagra, Levitra or Cialyis they had been taking. With regular use of Black Galingale they report a natural feeling of increased libido, more frequent, firmer and longer- lasting erections, and more frequent and forceful ejaculation. They also appreciate the lack of side effects, lowering the risk to their health, and substantial savings from using Black Galingale, as compared to prescription drugs.

Q. Is it good for women?
A. As a natural herb Black Galingale has traditionally been used in Asia by women for the promotion of gastro-intestinal health and general well-being. There are no sexual effects for women.

Q. Can Black Galingale be combined with other things?
A. There are many ways to use this natural herb. Our customers report making it as a tea, of course, either hot or cold; brewing their coffee with a sachet of Black Galingale: making flavored drinks with Black Galingale; and even with their favorite alcoholic beverage.


In ancient times, a hill tribe called "Mong" brought Black Galingale (see picture on left) from China, and grew it in Ampher Dan-sai and Ampher Na-Haew in the Loei province of Thailand. They used Black Galingale as a medicinal herb in their homes. Black Galingale is a traditional herbal tea used for centuries in Thailand to promote erectile function, to increase libido, and maintain penile erection.

There are many products that use Black Galingale (see picture on left) as an ingredient. We want you to get the most benefit from Black Galingale. We found a source in the north-east of Thailand where a superior and potent Black Galingale is grown. This is the Black Galingale we use in our herb tea. We are proud to present our product in which you can taste the strength and intensity.


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